The Town Council is committed to producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) covering the whole of the Town Boundary.

Morecambe Promenade

The Town Council’s application for a Morecambe Designation Area was approved by the City Council on 26th April 2016.

View Neighbourhood Plan consultation report

View the Formal Designation Notice

View the Map of the Designated Area

The Town Council has established a Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (NPWG) to to lead on this important initiative. Planning consultants Troy Hayes Design Ltd have been appointed to assist the NPWG with the process and the Group report to the Town Council at each Council meeting.

This section of the website will be used to help keep the local community and stakeholders informed and engaged with the development of our NDP.

Below are draft documents in support of our Morecambe Neighbourhood Plan:

Draft Morecambe Baseline Assessment

Neighbourhood Plan Programme

Design Codes Programme

Draft Design Codes

Draft Vision Statement & Objectives

Public Consultation Survey