Morecambe Town Council’s Community Grants can be applied for to support local organisations and projects for the benefit of Morecambe and its residents.

The scheme is open to any organisation to ensure that public funds are used in ways that benefit groups of residents and protect the interests of residents in the future.

Each application will be considered on its own merit. There is no limit to the value of grant that can be applied for, however the benefit to the Morecambe Town Council area or inhabitants must be comensurate with the expenditure.

Please download the grant criteria and application form below and return to

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Grants Awarded 2021-2022

OrganisationOrganisation’s Registration Number Approval Reference and Date Purpose / Time Period Grant Status
Morecambe Winter Gardens Preservation Trust Charity No: 1113010 Minute 20254 – Grants Committee – 6.4.21 Celebration of Morecambe’s film history over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend 2021. £2,435.36 Paid.
GIVE Unregistered. Minute 20255 – Grants Committee – 6.4.21 Community event on Langridge estate during Summer 2021. £5,900.00Paid.
West End Impact Charity No: 1153736 Minute 20229 – Grants Committee – 5.3.21Support for 150 people to attend therapy groups for mental health during 2021. £7,000.00 Paid.
Cancer CareCharity No: 1120048 Minute 20302 – Grants Committee  – 19.5.21 Funding for over 300 therapy sessions for people affected by Cancer in the Morecambe area from May 2021-May 2022. £10,000.00 Paid.
Morecambe Bay Foodbank Charity No: 1176579 Minute 20228 – Grants Committee – 5.3.21Provide food parcels to vulnerable families in the Morecambe area during Summer 2021. £5,000.00Paid.
Morecambe Winter Gardens Preservation Trust Charity No: 1113010 Minute 20301 – Grants Committee  – 19.5.21Repainting of the horseshoe walkway by end of Q2 2021 subject to Covid restrictions and completion of works being undertaken by current contractors. £650.00 Requires Committee to approve extension of time for works to be completed.
Armed Forces Day 2021 Unregistered. Minute 20303 – Grants Committee – 19.5.21 National Celebration of the Armed Forces on weekend of 26/27 June 2021. £3,000.00Grant not paid – event did not go ahead.