Morecambe Town Council

Morecambe Town Council is inviting the public to share their thoughts on neglected and derelict buildings in Morecambe, the importance of historic local buildings, and ideas about the role a community building can play in the town as they lay the groundwork for an application to the Government’s Community Ownership Fund. 

The Community Ownership Fund is one of the few pots of central government money available to which parish and town councils can apply directly. It exists to help communities take ownership of assets otherwise at risk of loss to them, with funding available up to a value of £2 million. 

The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

The public’s answers will be used to provide supporting evidence for the application and inform how any eligible project proceeds. 

If an eligible project is identified, a decision will still need to be made at a future meeting of the Council about whether or not to proceed with any application.