Morecambe Town Council

  • Precept for Band D property set at £97.56, rolling back 47.7% of 2023-24 rise 
  • Grant funding available to festival and event organisers doubles to £60,000 
  • 40% increase in grants available to local community groups  
  • Additional £79,180 to be invested in town maintenance and improvements 
  • Additional £37,000 to be invested in improving communications and community engagement 

Morecambe residents are set to see a significant reduction in the precept collected by Morecambe Town Council via their 2024-25 council tax bill, amounting to a £48.69 drop for residents in Band D properties. At the same time, the Council’s budget accommodates large increases in grant funding available to local community groups and event organisers, and significant investments in public spaces, communications, and community engagement initiatives. 

Morecambe Town Council’s 2024-25 budget looks to target sustainability and respond to community need, ensuring there is suitable equipment, staffing, and resource to make additional investment in the town and community, and continue to make a meaningful difference to the people of Morecambe.  

The Band D precept of £97.56 marks a significant year-on-year reduction of £48.69, rolling back 47.7% of last year’s increase, and setting a rate £24 lower than the national average for comparable town and parish councils. Most households in Morecambe (Bands A-C) will receive rates between £65.04 and £86.72 – working out at £1.25 – £1.67 per week, excluding additional discounts.  

A Morecambe Town Council spokesperson said, ‘In terms of services, this budget looks to build on the success and positive response to the work of the Town Rangers, aiming to further improve delivery for ongoing public realm enhancements, whilst prioritising pavements and alleyways to ensure open spaces are cleaner and safer for all.   

‘Morecambe has a thriving festivals and events scene and a wonderful culture of proactive community groups which we are proud to support. The increases in grant funding – making a total of £60,000 for Festivals and Events and £35,000 for Community Grants available this year – will allow us to provide vital assistance to more of these local organisations, helping to alleviate their financial pressures and enabling them to focus on delivering essential services and projects to residents at a hyper-local level.    

‘The Council is also committed to enhancing its level of engagement with the local community, giving residents a robust local voice and advocating for issues that impact the town. Making improvements in this area will be a priority over the coming year.’  

The budget also provides a clear direction for the reallocation of the Community Action Fund – the sum raised via the precept in 2023-24 to fund a potential community project on the vacant Frontierland site. £150,000 will be used to subsidise the budget, reducing the amount residents will pay via the precept this year. The remainder will be held in reserves to safeguard delivery of existing services and help deliver any new priorities for the community as they emerge, while Councillors consider whether any further funds should be returned via similar subsidy in future years.

The full budget proposal paper can be found on the Council’s website