The Armed Forces Champion role is a designated position within local government, organisations, or communities aimed at supporting and advocating for the needs and interests of military personnel, veterans, and their families.

The role involves several key responsibilities and functions, including:

Advocacy and Representation

  • Act as a representative and advocate for current and former members of the armed forces within the community or organisation.
  • Ensure that their needs and concerns are heard and addressed at various levels of decision-making.

Policy and Strategy Development

  • Work with local authorities, military organisations, and community groups to develop and implement policies that support the armed forces community.
  • Promote the integration of armed forces considerations into broader community strategies and plans.

Support and Services Coordination

  • Facilitate access to services and support for armed forces personnel, veterans, and their families, including healthcare, housing, education, and employment.
  • Coordinate with various agencies and service providers to ensure comprehensive support is available.

Community Engagement and Awareness

  • Raise awareness of the contributions and needs of the armed forces community through public outreach and education initiatives.
  • Participate in events that honour and support military personnel and veterans.

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of policies and initiatives aimed at supporting the armed forces community.
  • Report on progress and challenges to relevant stakeholders, including government bodies and community organisations.

Building Partnerships

  • Establish and maintain partnerships with military organisations, charities, businesses, and other stakeholders to enhance support networks for the armed forces community.
  • Encourage and facilitate collaboration among different groups working to support military personnel and veterans.

Providing Guidance and Support

  • Offer guidance and support to military personnel, veterans, and their families on various issues, including navigating services and accessing benefits.
  • Act as a point of contact for individuals seeking assistance or advice related to military service.
  • Support the Council to attain accreditation with a Ministry of Defence Employer Award.