During the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, arrangements are in place for meetings to be held remotely using video conferencing. Members of the public are still very welcome to attend Town Council meetings through the use of the video conferencing software. If you would like to attend, please contact the Town Clerk by email at clerk@morecambe.gov.uk to request details and a secure link to join the meeting.

Please note the Town Council meeting scheduled for April 3rd was cancelled  due to the coronavirus pandemic.

07/05/2020 Agenda Pack / Payments Schedule / Minutes

04/06/2020 Agenda Pack / Payments Schedule / Minutes

02/07/2020 Agenda Pack / Minutes (unapproved)

06/08/2020 Extra-ordinary meeting Agenda / Minutes

03/09/2020 Agenda / Budget Report / Minutes

01/10/2020 Agenda / Minutes

05/11/2020 Agenda / Minutes

03/12/2020 Agenda

17/12/2020 Agenda