Morecambe Town Council

Morecambe is currently governed by three tiers of Local Government:

  • Morecambe Town Council
  • Lancaster City Council
  • Lancashire County Council

The area was officially legislated in 1889 and an Urban District Council was formed in 1894 – thus freeing Morecambe completely from its governance by the Borough of Lancaster.

In 1928 the Corporation of Morecambe amalgamated with Heysham Urban District Council to form the Municipal Borough of Morecambe and Heysham.

A re-organisation of local government in 1974 saw the Borough form part of the area once again administered by Lancaster City Council. Under the new Local Government Act 1972 urban district councils were replaced with new larger districts and where appropriate new parish councils were created for the towns. 

Morecambe Town Council was not formed until much later in May 2009, following a successful local campaign. Twenty-six seats were created, with each member elected for a term of four years. For election purposes the town was divided into eleven wards, which can be viewed here.

Morecambe Town Council has responsibility for the management of assets in the area, allotments, and works with Lancaster City Council to deliver town centre management.

Lancaster City Council have recently submitted plans to central government for a new Unitary Authority. This change of administration is motivated by the increased drive for localism – with government keen to see more services delivered locally. It is possible Morecambe Town Council will play an even greater role within the new administrative arrangements, becoming more directly involved in a wider array of services and taking on further responsibilities.