Morecambe Town Council

Update from Lancaster City Council

We have received an update from the City Council following a meeting of the Lancashire Resilience Forum. The nation’s health services are presently dealing with the small number of UK cases but, if we move to the situation of large numbers, it is anticipated there will be a request for community emergency groups, neighbourhood watch, etc to befriend local patients who do not have family support. We will pass on any update and advice received about this.

At this time, please be mindful of the position of any elderly or otherwise vulnerable neighbours, and offer to provide any assistance you can.

Official Government advice on the current situation can be found at . This is kept up to date at all times.

The City Council does not issue separate local advice. At this time there is considerable effort going on to prepare the council (and the emergency services) to ensure that critical services can be maintained if there are large scale absences or extra demands.