Bob Bailey
Town Clerk

Bob was appointed Town Clerk on a permanent basis in November 2019. Bob has over 40 years experience in local government having retired from Lancaster City Council in March 2018 to take up the post of Town Clerk for Carnforth Town Council. Bob is now Town Clerk for both Morecambe and Carnorth.

Bob has a statutory duty to carry out the instructions of the Council as a functioning and recognised local authority.

His main role is to advise Members on, and assist in, the Council’s activities and to produce all the information required for making and effectively implementing decisions.  He is also responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the Council and is our ‘Responsible Finance Officer’, which is a statutory role with responsibility for maintaining the Council’s accounts and providing advice and support to the Council, ensuring value for money and sound financial management.

If you have any matters that you wish to raise with the Council, Bob should be contacted in the first instance.